Texas Forever | The KTP Shop

Howdy friends & family! 

My heart has been with all those who have been effected by hurricane Harvey. My mind kept racing and thinking about what I can do from home to help. I would love to be out there helping clean up but I have to take care of my hubby and animals. We are in the midst of high school football season so it is super crazy over here. My hubby is the defensive coordinator at Navasota High School and I have weddings and photoshoots coming up! 

A few months ago I was talking with my sweet friend about starting a little shop to share my hand lettering and sign making skills. She thought it was a great idea, but still I was on the fence. You know when you come up with a big idea, but then you think of all the fears and reasons why you shouldn't do it. Thats where I was, so I put it on the back burner. But this past week my thoughts have been about how I can help. I had so many ideas run through my head, but I thought to myself that this would be the perfect time to introduce my little shop called The KTP Shop to use my hobby to benefit those effected by hurricane Harvey. I enjoy working with wood to make beautiful items for my home that mean something to me. My grandpa who I never had the chance of meeting was into carpentry and I have a TV console table built by him and my dad that I cherish. Nothing beats handmade items that have been made with love.

If you go checkout The KTP Shop, I have two signs I made and hand lettered. All proceeds will go to help with hurricane Harvey relief. I am working on getting a few other things added too! 

I will be adding wedding related signs soon because that is what I want The KTP Shop to be known for. I built signs and learned hand lettering for my wedding and would love to share it with others! So be on the lookout brides and grooms!! 

Love & Blessings,