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Kaitlyn | Texas A&M University | Class of 2017

Meet Kaitlyn! So I have photographed three Katelyns/Kaitlyns this year. Two seniors and one bride! How crazy is that?! The name is super popular. I have to say I love it myself! ;) I met Kaitlyn because I photographed one of her friends, Amey! I love when I get clients who were referred to me by a past client. Kaitlyn brought two friends a long and of course one was Amey! I love when friends tag a long because they can help with hair and outfits. They even carry your clients things! Kaitlyn and her friends were so much fun. I hope you all enjoy her session! 

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Kayla | Texas A&M University | Class of 2017

Meet Kayla! She is so so sweet!!! I grew up with her boyfriend... well now fiancé!! I am so excited for them both. We kept talking about them getting engaged during her session and she was so ready for it to happen. I am so happy it happened this past weekend! She also graduated this past weekend. It was definitely an eventful weekend!

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Sarah | Texas A&M University | Class of 2017

I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet photographers senior session. Go checkout Dare to Aim! She is talented!! Sarah and her mom walked around campus, bottle cap alley, Dixie Chicken, and Research Park with me. We had so much fun! You will see how gorgeous she is for yourself! I LOVE meeting other photographers. :)

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