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Brooks | Grand Theft Pineapple | Grand Station | College Station, TX

Meet Brooks, aka Grand Theft Pineapple! He’s a musician in College Station, TX. He has a new record coming out called “When in Rome” coming out July 5th. I had so much fun getting out of my comfort zone and shooting at the Grand Station Arcade in College Station, TX.

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Ruby & Matthew Wedding | Brownstone Reserve | Bryan, TX

I am finally getting caught up on blogging some amazing weddings from last year. My goal is to have all my sessions and weddings blogged and caught up by the end of summer! Ruby and Matthew had a beautiful wedding out at Brownstone Reserve in September. The colors were stunning with the beautiful brick at Brownstone.

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Alyssa Senior | Texas A&M University | Class of 2019

Meet Alyssa, Texas A&M University Class of 2019! I love it when seniors bring their pups and take me to places they like to hang out at like the Dixie Chicken! I LOVE to play dominoes and drink margs, so the Dixie Chicken is one of my favorite spots.

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