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Meredith & Will | Big Sky Barn Wedding | Montgomery, TX

Meredith and Will got married at a beautiful venue out in Montgomery, TX called Big Sky Barn. It was a gorgeous winter day in Texas. “Winter” as in sunny and a bit chilly. I love Texas because I love the sun and heat (not the humidity), but lately it’s been all over the place.

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Moore Ranch | Engagement Session | Paige & Jacob

Hey y'all! 

My sweet sweet cousin Paige is engaged to be married!! We grew up every summer together with my brother and her sister at grandmas house. It never failed we all fought and laughed together for years and years. Now we are at the age of getting married and growing up! We have to be adults now! But I could not be any more excited for my beautiful cousin and her fiancé. She picked a good one!! I am so excited to watch them grow in love together. I am one PROUD & HAPPY cousin!!

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