All About Goal Diggin' - featuring the magical powersheets

Hey y’all!

I’ve been following Lara Casey on @cultivatewhatmatters instagram page. I have always wanted to try her Powersheets. Well I finally purchased them at the end of last year. I sat down and wrote out what I wanted out of life. All my goals for my business, my marriage and cultivating my heart. It’s unlike any other goal setting you’ll ever do in your life. It makes you think about what you want to cultivate.


Cultivate-- (verb) “to prepare and use (land) for crops or gardening.”

Just like you have to plant seeds to let crops grow, you have to plant little seeds to accomplish your goals in life. It takes baby steps and won’t just happen overnight. Just like plants need watering, your life needs a little water to grow to its fullest potential.

I highly recommend checking out The Cultivate What Matters Website. It’s so inspiring. They post blogs to help uncover your goals and to help you use the powersheets.

So to explain the powersheets a little better:

1. You go through an in depth process of uncovering what your heart desires (your GOALS)! You get asked a lot of questions in the beginning that help tremendously.


2. Once you have your main goals! For example, I have SEVEN. But you can have more or less to work on throughout the year. You make an action plan for each goal!


3. Each month you have a Tending List-- this list helps you take action steps to stay on track and on top of your main goals. You break your goals down into monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals on your tending list each month. (I know it’s confusing reading it and I am not the best at explaining.) Here’s a photo below to kind of show you!


Each month you do a tending list and have a sheet to evaluate your month. You also have sections each season where you get to refresh and take a look back on what you might want to change. What worked and didn’t work for you to achieve your goals.

As you can see from my tending sheet this month-- I have a lot of progress and a lot of incompletes. I checkmark when I’ve done something, and put an X or a / when I haven’t done something that week or day. Then you see my progress bars on my monthly goals I get to fill in. I also try to color code with what actions go with which goals. For example, all my business goals have a red dot by them and purple dots for bettering myself/cultivating a better relationship with God.

I have really enjoyed having my tending sheet to keep me on track. Looking onto the next month I’ll be able to see what has worked for my goals and what hasn’t. That way I can find out other ways to cultivate them.

In my next blog post I will be sharing more about me. I will be going in depth about all my goals this year! I am a little nervous to share this with you, but also excited to share to encourage others!