My Goals Uncovered


I am a bit nervous to share you my heart and soul. But here it goes. I am going to share with you all the soul searching I did over the holidays. I have six main goals that each have little action steps that I can do to accomplish them.

1. Cultivate a successful Katelyn Todd Photography.

My business is my baby. Well one of them! (I have a cute aussie and tuxedo kitty cat). There are so many ideas that I have for it and so much I want to accomplish with it that will take baby steps. A few actions steps I want to accomplish this year is creating a bridal guide to better serve my brides and grooms, blogging to also better serve my clients with helpful information and planning out my year on how I want to serve my clients. I always want to serve my clients well because I want them to have the best experience possible. When a bride or groom has a question I want to be there to answer it. I have a little exciting project I am also working on to get more information out there to help my couples! It’s at the beginning stage so it’ll be a little bit before I talk more about it! I am super excited.


My hubby and I want to pay off our debt so that we can GIVE. Each month I sit down right when we get his check and I budget our money. I have made an excel sheet for each month. I track all our expenses there. Yes it’s kind of a pain but I have a good system down now. It makes you think about where your money goes. We realized eating out was a really bad habit we had. We are trying to fix that-- budgeting is definitely helping! We’ve learned a lot from reading the Dave Ramsey book and listening to him on the radio. It really gets my hubby pumped listening to him. I also want to eventually read Chip Gaines book, Capital Gaines.

3. Cultivating a relationship with God and doing things for myself/bettering myself.

I want to live a meaningful and fruitful life. I’m on track to read the whole bible in one year. Everyday I have a few chapters I read. I use the Bible 1 Year app to keep track of my readings. My hubby and I also want to go to Church every Sunday. I know for a lot of you, you already do that. I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic School so I use to go to Church almost three times a week. But then college came around and I “got busy.” That’s an excuse I always came up with for myself. My hubby and I really want to grow together so this would be a great way for us to do so. Sadly we haven’t gone to Church at all this year (2018), we are going to change that this coming Sunday! Another way I want to better myself is by reading business books, lifestyle books and anything to help me grow. With God at the center of it all I can accomplish anything!

4. Live a healthy lifestyle.

Living a healthy lifestyles is so important to me, but I also LOVE food. My goal for this year was to be active once a day-- whether that be doing a cardio dance class, weights or going on a walk with my dog. I am on my fourth week of working out 4-5 times per week and I feel so good!! I want to live a long life, have energy and feel good!! My favorite way to exercise is weightlifting. I follow a lot of weight lifting gals on instagram and it gives me so much motivation! They also post amazing workouts. Now going back to food, the hardest thing my hubby and I have to control is eating out-- we love great food! I am a lover of bread, what can I say… I got it from my momma. Our goal this year so that we can get out of debt is to eat at home almost every night except once a week. We are doing so much better than we’ve done before. I am learning different recipes and keeping it yummy on a budget! I’m also trying to drink more water-- that’s a hard one for me!

5. Love Donn better <3

Donn and I really love talking about goals together! We want to strengthen our marriage to be one and to be a team to take on the world together. We started having once a week date nights, whether that is going out to eat or watching a movie together. We need to get more creative too! I’ve looked on Pinterest for budget friendly date nights! There are some cool ideas out there. We also try to pray together every night before going to bed. Sometimes we are super tired and forget though. We were reading the bible together where I was reading it aloud, but I think I put him to sleep when I read it. Haha. Donn is my best friend and all I want to do is spend every living second with him-- oh how I wish we could!

6. Be adventurous!

Donn and I love to travel, but it’s making time for it and having the money for it. When we do get the chance to go out of town we try to enjoy every little second by enjoying the world around us. We love driving through little towns, checking them out and stopping at hole in the wall places.

7. Hosting and Cultivating a cozy home.

I LOVE having friends and family over. We hosted our first Thanksgiving in our first home we bought together. It was so much fun! I loved preparing, cleaning and cooking a homemade meal. I think it’s so fun when you bring a group of people you love together. Decorating our home has been my favorite, I try to make every little piece and place in our home meaningful. Building furniture and decor for our home is also a favorite! I LOVE powertools. Almost once a week we have game night with a couple of friends! There’s something about sitting around a table playing a board game and laughing that just makes you heart so joyful! I grew up with a family who loved playing games around the dining table. I would love to start hosting friend dinner/board game nights more frequently!

Below I am going to share with you a photo of my February Tending List from my 2018 Powersheets, Cultivate What Matters, The Intentional Goal Planner:


Go get them goals!