Here’s what others have asked!


When should I book my session?

Book as soon as you know when you want to take them! It’s best to book 1-2 months in advance, if possible. I only book lifestyle sessions Monday-Thursday. In home sessions I book anywhere from late morning-late afternoon. Outdoors sessions I book an hour and a half before sunset.

-In home newborn sessions should be booked within 10 days after the due date. I realize the due date can change and most likely will. Keep me updated because I like to get them booked within 10 days of being born.
-Maternity sessions should be booked during your 28-32 week mark, when your bump is showing but you aren’t too uncomfortable.
-Anniversary sessions should be booked a couple weeks before your anniversary if you want to share them with everyone the day of your anniversary.

When are payments due?

A deposit is due when booking your date/signing your contract. It is a 50% deposit. Then on the day of your session the other half is due plus tax. When you sign the contract and pay the deposit your credit or debit card is saved and will be automatically charged the day of your session. This is so you do not have to worry about forgetting to pay. Also, five days before the payment goes through you will receive an email asking if you need to change the card on file.


What’s the cancellation policy?

If for any reason we need to reschedule your session due to weather, an emergency, or sickness, we can do so. We will reschedule for a date that is best for the both of us. If we cannot reschedule for some reason, you will be refunded.


How long does it take to get my portraits back?

At most 2 weeks, but if you need them sooner we can agree to a perfect time. I try to serve my clients well by getting them back sooner.


I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

You can email Katelyn at or fill out the contact form!